About us

Motley Collections, in the truest form, is a clothing store dedicated to combining contemporary garb and vintage treasures to make one hell of a stockpile.


Motley Collections was founded back in September 2016 by Alexandra Baker. After earning her degree in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Houston, she set off to start what would become a Contemporary + Vintage clothing store. However, it was when she worked in retail, both corporate and boutique style, that she realized people weren't just purchasing clothes. They were creating an identity.  


When Motley was founded, Alexandra stressed the importance that her customers weren’t just buying the collection of threads that she was curating, rather they were branding themselves.


Today, Motley is more than just a clothing company. It’s a lifestyle. It’s for those of us not bound by the rules of society because we are too busy making our own rules in defiance. To be Motley is to be badass while combining the intricacies of fashion and the elements of attitude. Motley is a mood. Motley is a feeling. Motley is a way of life. And this is Motley Collections.